The CBD Processors began as a small regional office in Nashville for a much different merchant processing company based out of Dallas. As we picked up a few hemp-retailing clients, we began to be introduced to the world of problems most CBD and hemp-inclusive companies are forced to face if they want credit and debit card processing, the hoops they must jump through, and the constant inability to count on their processors..

That’s how it all began. A realization of a problem no one was doing anything to fix.

As our first company decided they could no longer accept CBD clients, we were forced to look outward; from there, we began a brokerage for different processing companies, eventually bringing us up to the seven we now represent. It was those different companies that allowed us to change the game. We were able to open up communication directly with the banks, enabling us to negotiate new prices for the brand new booming market that they can actively see taking our state by storm.

You won’t find lower rates anywhere else. We guarantee it.

As we grow, it is our goal to make a change to current culture of merchant processing, which is ruled by corporate and big bank greed, especially to those deemed “high risk.”

Unfortunately, the struggles of unreliable merchant processing and unreasonable rates aren’t limited to Tennessee. As time passes and we progress, it is our objective and to bring other areas into our community of hemp industry merchant processing. By expanding our same model of dedication, integrity, and locally-oriented communities to further regions, we believe we can foster and aid in the betterment of the cannabis industry – not only in our state, but as far as our partners, those directly partaking in the industry, can work with us to achieve.

The TN CBD Processors was founded on some very simple ideals; trust, transparency, and community.

            We believe every business owner should be able to have faith in who they entrust with their merchant processing. When you sign up with The CBD Processors, you’re not just getting a corporate phone number; you have a dedicated local account manager. Your account manager is there for you, and available by phone for any needs you may have.

            Your account manager will work with you to assess your business needs and goals and determine the setup best suited for your company. We make it our mission to be completely and 100% transparent with our customers about everything, from the sign-up process to the contracts – unlike many larger corporations and banks, we don’t believe anything is gained by keeping our customers in the dark. Rather, we believe in fostering trust and understanding. It is our firm conviction that, especially in such an exciting new rapidly expanding industry, growth as a community benefits each and every member of that community exponentially.

  • This message was brought to you proudly in partnership with the TN CBD Association