Welcome to The CBD Processors!

We appreciate your visit and are very excited to present to you the premium merchant processing service for the entire hemp industry.

Here at The CBD Processors, we have years of experience in merchant processing and POS equipment. Through our business solutions network, we were introduced to the CBD retail market within the larger hemp industry. We quickly noticed the unfair disadvantages the hemp community faces when dealing with banks and processors and decided that this was a problem we were going to have to solve.

Since then we have:

  • Networked with seven banks to ensure service availability.
  • Negotiated the lowest absolute base rate available from anyone.
  • Partnered with POS/terminal/equipment wholesalers to provide the best price options for our customers.
  • Pledged to provide the lowest rate possible, even if that means taking a loss – and we back this claim with a $250 guarantee!

We are all-in with the hemp industry, whether you’re a CBD retail store, dispensary, e-comm retailer, wholesaler, etc. Please contact us and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

Again, thank you for visiting. We hope to work with you soon.